Sunday, May 1, 2011

Profile views becomes My Photo and Profile views

 Just a few days ago ago I wrote about Profile Spy v4, well it seems that scam and now changed into "My photo and profile views"

 This scam uses the same alert format from Profile Spy v4, v5, and v6. In case you have forgotten the format here is was then normal alert looks like:

  My Top Profile Viewers: 
  (random friend) - (random number) views
  It then posts that a few times.
  Then it invites you to a fan page where you can say who views your profile.

 The scam then invites you to a page with one of the following titles:
   My Photo and Profile Viewers
   Who views your photo profile

 Once again these are both scam items for no app can tell you who is viewing your profile and who is viewing your photos. If you start spreading this delete all the posts that this scam item may have posted to your profile and change your password to stay on the safe side. Recently these scams/spam items have not been using apps but asking you a question such as "what is x + x" and when you answer the question your letting it post on your profile.

 If you seeing any of these in your news feed inform your friends that they are a scam, and point them to this article so they can learn what is a true app and what is a scam app. I also highly recommend you like our page to get the latest news in your newsfeed.

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