Friday, May 13, 2011

PSN News Roundup 5-13-2011

 Its time for another news roundup about the PSN. Once again I am sorry to inform you I don't have a date that the PSN will be back on. However Sony has said it will be back on in a few days.

 First up Sony has sent out a letters to their partners according to Industry  gamers. Not much new information is provided. It just is a little review of whats been going on at Sony and what steps are being taken. No report of wen the service is going to be back on. Hopefully as they work on getting PSN ready to be launched again that they are going to be ready for the huge rush of people trying to log in at once.

 Another report coming from CNET is saying some places are reporting a large amount of PS3 trade ins. No one will come out and confirm this study taken yet but it sounds like something people that are a huge fan of online gaming would do.

  On the bright said maybe its a good idea they did not launch it again today :P

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