Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hours on Twitter scam hitting Twitter again

 The hours on twitter scam is back and hitting twitter again. Once again it is using a similar message. Here is the current message I have spotted:

 (trending topic) > I have spent: (random number) hours on Twitter! See how much you have: (bad url) The bad twitter app does not really have a name and just says its coming in through the Twitter API.

 The latest twitter scams seem to be posting a few of the currently trending topics in the message so the tweet gets more views. This has been becoming more and more common with twitter due to the fact its simple to access the "trending topics data"

 Another interesting fact is that according to some online scanners the site this scam is linking to is hosting some exploits. According to the online scan from Norton Safe (you can see it here) a few Drive by downloads exist on the site. That shows fake social apps can lead to getting your pc infected.

 If your twitter account starts spreading this go into your settings and remove any suspicious looking apps that have access to your site. Then delete all the tweets it posted so no one else clicks on it.

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