Saturday, May 21, 2011

Should kids under 13 be on Facebook?

 To allow or not to allow that is the highly debated question. Should kids under 13 be allowed or should they be banned till their 13 birthday. This discussion has picked back up again after Facebook CEO Zukerberg talking about his thoughts on the subject.

 Now I have said before I do not think kids under 13 should have a Facebook. However it made me sad when I looked at some of these comments about these articles. I have seen posts like *insert thing about childs maturity here* or *my child does this* or *my child needs it because* or even *well I am friends with them so that makes everything perfect*.  Just because of any number of reasons Facebook is 13+ for a reason. The Child Online Protection Act was created for a reason.

  So if you found this article I urge you if you were thinking of creating someone under the age of 13 a Facebook profile to wait till they turn 13. Yes they most likely will not be happy about it, yes they may say well friend x has one so why can't I. However it is a good idea to set good values, just because the want it now does not mean they should be able to have it. It won't be like that for them later in life. To be honest I even did not get a Facebook to the age of 13, I got it on my 13th Birthday and I was not harmed at all because I did not have one till then.

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