Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Subway Scam back?

 It seems the get free subway scam is back on Facebook. I have seen a large amount of activity from is and here is what I have found so far.

 It starts with a Facebook message saying "get a free meal hurry!"" with a photo of a Subway Sub. The link leads to to a blog called hxxp://mealthedeal. blogspot. com  Now this site is just the first stop of where it will lead you to. After this it redirects you to a site titled HXXP://subwayspecial . blogspot .com which seems to be the place the scam is taking place. The place will attempt to get you to take a survey and post it to your Facebook feed. For some good news the eventual site which it will take you is rated red on WOT. However the first site that would be checked by Facebook via the WOT database is rated green. So it is being allowed to spread via Facebook.

So remember if it seems to be too good too be true it most likely is. If this was a true deal you would most likely be hearing about it all over. Plus it most likely would be hosted on a Subway website not off some blogspot site. If you see anybody posting about this make sure you warn them about it and point them to this blog post.

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