Monday, May 9, 2011

Watch out what you click on Yahoo! Answers

 Yahoo Answers is a great place to look to when you want to get a real person to answer your question. However malware writers have been taking advantage with that by attempting to link answer seekers to a site that leads to a fakeav. This has first been reported by Paretologic Malware blog. I decided to take a look and see what I could find and here are the results of my analysis.

 First up I did a Y!Search on the Yahoo!Answers site for the link that was posted on the Paretologic blog. First up was some good news. Yahoo! Answer users are being cautious about the site and asking on Yahoo! answers if the site is good or bad. Some example of that can be found here and here (on the good site each of the questions gt the good recommendation of not going to the site). This is great that the community it taking action and down voting the questions that have a link to that so they are not shown. Now for a little bad news, only 13 of the 42 Antivirus engines on VirusTotal detect the file that is being linked to. That goes to show why you should not put all your trust it one product (this is something I will be blogging about more soon).

 So Yahoo Answer users watch out for links like this. If you see any make sure you do not click them and warn everyone not to click on links like it.

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