Sunday, May 1, 2011

PSN Update (5/1/11)

 Well since its been a while since I talked about the PSN hack Sony has put out some more updates so I thought I would share it with you.

 The first update is some Sony services will be up again this week. I suspect many PlayStation users will be celebrating since all of PSN has been down for a while. The PlayStation will have a forced system update that will require you to change your password when the PSN starts back up.

 Sony has also taken steps to prevent this from happening again and protecting the data they still have. All the data loss recently means its a great time for webmasters to upgrade their sites to the latest software to make sure they are not open to any attacks against them that could cause data loss. Sony is also hiring a Chief Information Security Office to help keep customer data safe.

  Sony will also be offering stuff to everyone due to the down time of the PSN. I have yet to find anyone that does not enjoy free stuff :D

 You can read all the details over at the Sony blog: PlayStation blog

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