Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tips for Internet Safety: The Web Browser

 The internet browser is one of the largest points of infections. With many of us daily spending hours online it has became simpler to malware writers to target popular sites to spread infections. It is a good idea to take some steps to help prevent infections on your machine from the browser so you don't have to spend time curing your machine. Here are some steps and tools I recommend to help keep your machine clean and browser safe.

Web Browser Recommendation)

1. Firefox:

 Firefox is personally my favorite Browser. With tons of addons that can help make it more secure it is a great choice for a browser. I use it on all of my machines and it provides great speed, stability, and security .

2. Google Chrome:

 Google Chrome is another good choice for an internet browser. It has speed, security, and stability just like Firefox. It also has a good amount of addons to help make it secure.

If you prefer to stay with Internet Explorer make sure you run Windows Update and make sure you have all the latest updates for it. If you already run any other browser make sure its updated along with all its addons

 Web Browser Tools:

 Please note I am mainly a Firefox user so most of the tools will work with Firefox only. So you may have to go look for other similar tools for other browsers.

1. Web of Trust: (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, and Opera)

 Web Of Trust is a great community powered site ranking tool. Web of Trust works by allowed the user to rank the site by Trustworthiness, Reliability, Privacy, and Child Safety. Web of Trust also imports the computer safety results from different vendors to block malware hosting sites. Using a tool like WOT (Web of Trust) is very simple to use. WOT also puts one of four colored circles by each of your search results, it will be either green, yellow, grey, or red. Green means the site is ranked as being OK, yellow means be careful, grey means the site is not ranked, and red means stay away. Adding this simple tool is a great way to stay safe from scams and malware sites.

2. Ghostery: (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari)

 Ghostery is a tracker blocker, blocking the services that track you online. Help stay safe from tracking services with the help of Ghostery. Ghostery can also block cookies however I have not tested that yet.

3. AdblockPlus (Firefox)

 Malverts are every now, almost all sites are vulnerable to them. With the amount of Malverts rising I highly recommend an adblocker. I know for sure that adblockers have prevent malverts from attempting to launch Malware on my machine.

4. ClearCloud (all)

 ClearCloud blocks malware before they even get a chance to load while possibly speeding up your net connection. ClearCloud DNS service is a great way to add protection to all your systems.
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 1. Make sure you keep everything updated. Have outdated software on your machine allowed malware writers to take advantage of vulnerability. This especially includes software like PDF reader, Java, Flash Player and items like that.

2. Use a secure DNS server to help block malware before it loads. 

3. Research each URL before you go to it.

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