Friday, May 13, 2011

Can I be safe on Facebook?

 Facebook is everywhere, and by everywhere it really does seem like its everywhere. Companies are adding the share button into their applications, to their sites, replacing their comment system with facebook, using Facebook check-in to share with their friends where they are. Facebook is changing how are world communicates. You can see just by looking at the side of out blog that IGL-Security has jumped into the social networking with a Facebook page and share button. I personally think Facebook has helped us connect a lot more by allowing us to share photos instantly, and share bit of our life. However with the popularity of Facebook rising and everyone jumping into this social networking people have started asking how far is to far? It can become hard to use the internet is some places if you don't have a Facebook also. I know of a few sites that have been changing to Facebook Log-in without a way to get on with out one. That can become good and bad. For the good the site can work around what you like but the bad is if you don't have a Facebook you have to get one to sign up. So with all that said I think the main reason people are against Facebook is because they fear it is not safe. They may also think its useless. However I want to share some things about being safe on Facebook.

 First way to be safe is to adjust your privacy setting and set everything to friend only. That way some random person can't go to your profile and look at your photos, get your phone number, and find out where you live. That will really cut down the dangers of social networking. However in order for that to work you must add read friends only. Yes that may mean you don't get extra people to help you play games but it means you are safe from strangers viewing your profile. Besides how do you know those people saying add me to play game x are really who they say they are.

The next thing to remember is you don't have to fill out all your information. Its not required to post where you live, what you mobile and home numbers are, or even where you go to school. You can leave a lot of the information blank if you want to. They don't force you to enter any information.

Don't use mobile check ins, you don't have to tell anyone where you are at the moment. Also its a good idea not to post when you will be out of town. Before Facebook you did not run around town saying your going to be gone so you don't have to do it on Facebook.

 Finally remember that once its on the internet it does not just go away. So use common sense about what you post online just as you would in person.

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