Friday, May 27, 2011

Who viewed your profile continue to rise

 With all the warnings, from here on IGL-Security, the Facebook security page, and computer blogs all over the net people still continue to click on who viewed your profile scams. So here is a check of the current ones spreading through the Facebook world

 hi everybody omg it's unreal now you'll get to know who viewed your Facebook page I can see my top profile visitors and im so scared that my Ex is still viewing my profile every day check it out @ (bad facebook app link)

 looks like 381 people visited my profile, says this page lol. are you stalking my page or something? lol jk

 WOAH! my profile was viewed 40 times JUST TODAY, and I can see that I have quite a few stalkers LOL! Find out yours (bad link)

 Please remember no app can tell you who is viewing your profile. If you run into one do not click on it. If you start spreading it delete all the posts it may have made, and to be safe change your password. If you friends start posting it warn them its a scam.

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