Friday, May 6, 2011

Watch out for malware on your next image search

 Malware writers have a large attack wave of FakeAV's comming through Google Image Search at the moment. It seems a large amount of sites that normally have front page ranking have been hacked by code injection so when the user searchs for a normal topic the FakeAV image will be the top ranking results. Some reports have said that this attack is mainly focused on WordPress sites so if you run a Wordpress blog make sure you update it with the latest patches so you are not out of date.

 One important thing to remember is to not click the x button. The x button is normally taken over by a download button so even if you hit x it will still try to get you to download the file. Instead hit ctrl-alt-delet and stop your internet browser client. That way you will prevent the FakeAV from installing on your machine. Its also a good idea to install a webfilter to protect you as your are online so the hacked sites don't load as you are searching.

Also its a god idea to take some time and make sure all the programs you have on your machine are updated to the latest version. If the hacked sites are moved over to exploits its a good idea you are prepared with the latest updates of all your software.

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