Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh my it actually works!!!........................not

 The who viewed your profile scams seem be hitting twitter once again. Here is the latest message that I have seen going through Twitter:

 OMG this actually works! see who viewed your Twitter profile: (bad link)

 The bad app name was: L00k At Wh0

 Once again they are adding a hash tag # with a popular topic to try to get people who are looking at tweets about the current trending topic. Also even though it says it actually works it does not. If you see this tweet I highly recommend you do not click it and send the person who sent it to this blog post.

 To remove go into your app settings and remove permissions for the app L00k At Wh0 so it not longer has permission to post. If you don't do that it can start back up again. Then delete all the tweets it has made, then finally change your password just to be safe. 

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