Saturday, November 17, 2012

McAfee Founder a wanted man

 McAfee is a common name in the antivirus market and you most likely have ran into the product before. McAfee has a pretty good chunk of the antivirus market from what I have ran into on different machines and stuff. Now their founder is a wanted man on charged of murder. I highly recommend you take a watch of this video to hear all about it 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dearest BestBuy Memer

 "Dearest BestBuy member..."

 That was the text of a text message I got this week claiming I had won 1000 dollars from best buy and all I had to do was fill out the survey. Almost all the lines of my account also received that text.I highly recommend you delete that text if you got it and do not click the link. Its 99% most likely a scam and you should not give any personal details up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spam Malware stories

 Its always nice to get Spam Malware with people wanting to put money in my bank account. Normally its just its a long lost relative but this is a nice new one with a different twist. Here is the message I got:

My Dearest One,
I hope that I am not embarrassing you with this mail because you did not expect it or know me before. But kindly rest assured that I have irresistible urge to write it believe me, the mail is an indication of love for you and happiness I shall always wish you to help me secure my inheritance. I am Miss Stella Akos Maroun. 21 years old and the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs. Johnson Maroun  the former president of Cote D'Ivorian chambers of Cocoa & Coffee Dealers Association.
My late father was very wealthy cocoa & coffee dealer my mother died ten years ago and my father was poisoned to death by his political members .before his death my father told me that he made the next of kin of a money, he deposited the sum of $18.5million us dollars only. In the security company here in Accra Ghana where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee herein Accra Ghana.
I went to the Security Company and confirm that my father really make me the next kin of this money, Now I want to transfer the money into your account in your country because the people that killed my father is after my life now to make sure that our family are drastically wiped off .infect as I am writing to you now I am in hiding here.please if you can help to save my life and transfer this money to your account, i will like you to be polite to the Security Company of deposit outfit.
I am deeply interested to offer to you 15% from the total money that is involved for transferring the money into your own designated account again i will handle this money over to you to invest it for me wisely ,as you know , this is the highest confidence and trust any person can repose on the other especially when it is considered that we did not know ourselves before then you are expected to display high degree of maturity sensible , responsibility, and understanding in handling this information so that our family enemies will not know that I am around .In getting me through your information’s. Please i want this transfer to be done as soon as possible because of my condition.
I will give you every details about the Security Company here in Ghana for the transfer to carry on to your account. After you have indicated your interest and willingness to help me out of this problem to secure the money for a proper investment in your country, while i continue my education. Please write to me as fast as to acknowledge this mail and thanks in anticipation. For the confidentiality of this transaction please strictly reply me through my direct email: (edited out) for more details (is very important) i wish compliment of the season and good luck for me coming to you i hope you will not betray me in this transaction.
Remain Bless In the Lord.
Best Regards

 To be honest this note made me laugh out loud, if you get spam messages like this ignore it and do not give away any bank information. Your not going to get millions of bucks with something like this. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Goodbye Blue Facebook...Hellow Pink Facebook!

W0W! HeIIo PlNK facebook !!! and goodbye blue facebook! You can now switch your facebook C0L0r and themez to 8 different C0l0rs thanks to the fb developer team! Get yours her:  

 You may have noticed this message or a variant of it going through your facebook. As have I personally noticed being posted over and over again. I am sorry to tell you that Facebook is not adding themes. This is a scam message so do not click on the message at all. You can not change what color your facebook is and you can not change what theme it is. So please avoid that message and inform your friends that its a scam.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Watch out for Olympic themed malware

 The Olympics are here! That means the malware authors are on the hunt for unsuspecting Olympic news seekers. So for the upcoming weeks make sure you watch what you click on when seeking Olympic news. I have already seen reports of people clicking on Olympic news only to lead to a page infected with the BlackHole exploit kit. Malware authors love targeting popular events so be safe while searching.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thousands may lose internet on Monday

 Sunday is the deadline of cleaning up your machine of a variant of the DNSChanger malware for its server shall be shut down Monday kicking thousands off of the internet. The FBI estimates about 277,000 machines are still infected with about 64,0000 being here in the USA. Its also reported about 50 fortune 500 companies still have the infection on their network.

 The number of machines infected continues to drop thanks to the support of the internet community. For an example Facebook has been warning people since June that their machine is infected and that eventually they would be cut off from the internet. Popular search engine Google has also been informing users that their machines seem to be infected.

 So what should you do to make sure you don't lose your internet Monday? McAfee has setup a website which allows you to test if your machine has the infection. Please dont't wait check your machine now. Its better to be safe then lose your internet connection on Monday.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Android Malware continues to grow

 Android's OpenNess continues to be exploited by malware. Sophos Labs has discovered a botnet sending spam email from Google Android devices. As usage shifts from home computing systems to tablets and smartphones the risk of mobile trojans will continue to grow. Please use caution when downloading new apps to your phone and make sure you trust the vendor before you click the nice install button.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rising PC Doctor 7 Review

 Its time for another security software review. Today I will be review Rising PC Doctor a free PC Security aid from Rising Security.

 Now Rising PC Doctor is a program I have used in the past. However version 7 (finally) added support for Windows 7 and gave a UI a much needed overhaul. First I must explain what Rising PC Doctor is, however explaining it is very complex because its a little bit of everything. Rising PC Doctor does an "audit" of your computer security checking if any AVs are installed, it has a USB protection program, offers to cleanup junk files, has a cloud powered process manager, gives an over view of what runs on boot, offers to scan for software vulnerabilities, and to top it all off has a Cloud AntiTrojan scanner.

 After installation finishes the first thing Rising PC Doctor does is run a security audit. This audit does contain a cloud anti-trojan scan of the system. On my Vista laptop (which is not new) I think the audit took between 5-10mins it did not give a very clear explanation of what it was doing but once I got into the UI it told me on the last audit my pc got an 80 with one issue. However I was not able to get to where what that problem was but I think it was due to some junk files. Rising also preformed a Cloud Anti-Trojan scan which found nothing on my system. Which is good because that machine was clean so no FP's on a wide range of programs I have installed over the ages. Its important to note the Anti-Trojan system does not have any real time protection so it should not be your first line of defense.

  Rising in the background runs about four processes totaling 15 MBs and using very little CPU. Rising is made in China so don't be alarmed when you load up task manager and notice that a few of the processes descriptions are in Chinese. Personally I think it may be a good idea for a later build to put those in English not to alarm anyone but its not that big of a deal. Rising did not detect Panda Cloud being installed in the AV monitoring part of the application and informed me I should install Rising AV to prevent viruses. I ignored that and sent them an email informing them of this so we shall see if they respond about that. The processes manager is my favorite part of the application. It informs you of Risings Cloud Security rating of the process which is pretty cool it also gives connection information. That StartUp manager database of programs that could be disabled is not very large yet with American programs but I figure that will be corrected eventually. I use to use the USB protection tool in v6 and did what it needed to do well.

 The biggest question is where does Rising fit in to your security setup? It does a little bit of everything however it had two strong points for me which is why I kept it installed. The Cloud AntiTrojan does not conflict with other AV programs so I am going to use it as a backup scanner for all my machines. Also the Cloud Task Manager was very impressive so I will keep it incase a family members gets a malware infection and I need to end a process.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on side project: What does this file do?

 So as some of you may have remembered we launched What does this file do? and so today I wanted to take a look at how its going so far. So far the site is slowly building up its database of file information. We are slowly building up our incoming links and page views are not near what we are getting with the IGL-Security blog yet. Make sure you keep your comments coming on what you want to see we want to make sure we are posting things that you want.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Facebook now has an Antivirus Marketplace

 In-case you missed it we have great news coming from the Facebook team. They have teamed up with some of the leading Anti-Malware teams to provide Anti-Virus software to their users. At the Antivirus Marketplace you are able to download 6month trials to full versions of Antivirus programs in order to help protect your machine. Each of the vendors in the program will also be sharing their threat database with Facebook in order to help cut down on Spam/Virus/Malicious posts. So if you are in need of an AV program make sure you check out Facebook if you would like a trial to some leading AV products.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New IGL-Security Service: What Does this file do


 IGL-Security would like to introduce our first expansion/side project since the founding of this blog. This side project is know as "What Does This file Do?". While researching files online I have been disappointed in the lack of sites that give me an over all view of an .exe so I have decided to make my own. You can check the blog/database here which I plan on expanding on quickly. Its going to be exciting to see how it turns out and I will make sure to give file lookup stats here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interesting Buisness Insider article

 I noticed a tweet on my Twitter Feed from @Malwarebytes which lead me to here: Once again this seems like one of those "just run a scan" malware removal guide. You see these all the time on major publishing companies and very few of them go deep at all on removing heavily infected machines (such as bootkits). However this article had something special. In this article the author plainly wrote that he pirated Malwarebytes AntiMalware. You got that right the author flat out told everyone that they were pirating it.

 Just goes to show news publishing sites really need to pay close attention to who they have write articles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social Scam Report 4-10-2012 : The Profile Stalkers are back

My biggest stalker is (insert FB friend here) and my total profile views are (insert number). Which Friend Stalks You the Most? Find Out Here ->

 You have many a seen a photo like this going through your Facebook news feed, that's right the who viewed your profile scams have returned to Facebook for another big swing through the social networking site. Once again this apps are a scam ignore them.

 Receive a free $500.00 Cost-Co gift card! Act now while supply lasts!

 This is one again a scam ignore it and no not accept it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cloud Based Databases, can they be messed with?

 When Panda Security had one of their advertising servers hacked I noticed online a question many people were asking "Could a cloud vendors malware database be messed with ruining thousands of computers?". Well I want to commit on that topic for today's post.

  First we need to remember that never has a cloud security's vendors threat database been hacked. Sites owned by security vendors have been hacked but never their databases. However some skilled hackers in theory could find a way in but it would be very very very hard. Security vendors work hard to keep their cloud servers safe.

 Now even though in some way it could be possible I do not recommend throwing all cloud security products. Even regular AVs that have not been hacked have had bad updates messing up computers. Cloud security is the next big thing for malware protection, and its here so stay in my opinion. Its also most likely low on anybody's target to mess with a malware database of a cloud vendor. Its a higher risk with little reward other then messing with a security vendors reputation.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Norton confirms hacked NAV Source Code

 Symantec has confirmed that the source code Anonymous has posted is indeed NAV2006 code and they do expect to see them post source code later on for Norton Internet Security. Symantec claims the source code is so old that their is no threat even though it was posted.

 However Norton 2006 users I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of your Symantec product to stay safe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lulzsec members betraying one another

 Was Lulzec leader Sabu working for the FBI for a while? According to recent reports which are referencing a Fox News report. According to Fox News this morning a sweep of arrests were made on suspected Lulzsec members. So where did the police get details about the people that were arrested? Well according to the reports the FBI got the information from a former leader of Anonymous: Sabu.

 Sabu had been one of the more vocal members of Lulzec/Anonymous. The hacking group leader Sabu has already pleased guilty to some of what he has done. So if this reports are true it would be interesting to see who Lulzsec responds to the fact that their leader betrayed them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Would you trust Google to manage all your passwords?

  According to a new report Google is working on a way to create and manage all yours password for you. It would even reset all your passwords when it detects one of your accounts has been hacked. Now although this could end up as a time saver and password helper it brings up the question "How much do you trust Google?". Just think if something like what almost happenend to Lastpass happened to Google?

 Personally I think I will still continue my method of coming up with my own passwords and managing them all my self. I don't think its a good idea yet to start syncing all our passwords with out online accounts yet. As they say "don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Monday, February 6, 2012

Social Scam report 2-6-2012

 Time for the new social scam report, and the who is stalking you scams are back in full force.

Yeah Finally! You can now see the persons who viewed your profile recently and find out your top stalker! Its a cool app that analyzes profiles! Check it out-->
WOW I cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile!I just saw my top 10 profile peekers and I am SHOCKED from who is viewing my profile! You can also see WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE here
WOW I Cannot believe that you can now see who's been stalking at your profile for real! You can easily check who's spying on you at
  These are the messages that are flying through the social network Facebook currently. Remember you can not see how it stalking your profile so ignore all these messages and do not click on them. If you see them in your newsfeed point your friends to this article so they know they are a scam.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Google Plus now open to everyone..for real this time

 So you may have already heard but I figured since I have posted about it here before I should post an update. Google has (finally) opened up G+ to everyone 13 and up. So G+ is now as close as it will most likely get to being open to everyone.

 So for everyone excited about (finally) getting to take a look in head on over to

 Personally I am in no hurry to switch away from Facebook but that is just me. I have no idea how many people are really wanting (by really wanting I don't mean just posting about it on Facebook) to switch but we shall see in the coming weeks.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daily Social Scam report 1-19-2012

  Time for the next social scam, recently I have noticed an increased amount of Ipad offer scam that I wanted to warn you about today:

 Hey (Facebook Name) Face book has teamed up with Apple to let the public test and keep the new i pad 3 for nothing! I honestly cant believe I received mine today. Let me know when you get one too!
 Hey (Facebook name) I want to show you something insaine! I received an iPad3 for nothing directly from Apple. I doubt this will last long, I already have one and I love it!

  Whats up (Facebook Name) I am sure you will love this! I received an iPad3 for nothing directly from Apple. Angry birds is so much fun haha, hope you enjoy it like I do.

 So make sure you do not click on the links if one of these posts shows up on your wall for you will not get a free Ipad.

MegaUpload taken down, Anonymous responds

 As you may have read this morning the FBI has taken down internet file hosting site MegaUpload for Piracy crimes. It did not take long for Anonymous to respond after hearing the news today. After hearing the news they knocked the following companies websites offline:,, and Universal Music.

 This is not the first time Anonymous has attempted at taking down government sites. This comes right after many sites shut down to protest the SOPA bill which is scheduled to be voted on soon. I highly recommend keeping your eye on the news to see what comes out about the bill as the vote gets closer

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daily Social Scam Report (1-12-2012)

 Time for the first social scam report of the year. Now lets take a look at that gift card spam that is going through your social network site.

 Dunkin Donut is currently giving away $100 gift cards to all facebook users!!

 StarBucks is currently giving away gift cards to all facebook users!!

 Dollar General is currently giving away gift cards to all facebook users!

 McDonald's is currently giving away free meal vouchers to all Facebook users!

 All of these are scams and I highly recommend you do not click on any of them. These companies would not just start posting on your wall saying you can get free stuff.