Friday, July 27, 2012

Watch out for Olympic themed malware

 The Olympics are here! That means the malware authors are on the hunt for unsuspecting Olympic news seekers. So for the upcoming weeks make sure you watch what you click on when seeking Olympic news. I have already seen reports of people clicking on Olympic news only to lead to a page infected with the BlackHole exploit kit. Malware authors love targeting popular events so be safe while searching.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thousands may lose internet on Monday

 Sunday is the deadline of cleaning up your machine of a variant of the DNSChanger malware for its server shall be shut down Monday kicking thousands off of the internet. The FBI estimates about 277,000 machines are still infected with about 64,0000 being here in the USA. Its also reported about 50 fortune 500 companies still have the infection on their network.

 The number of machines infected continues to drop thanks to the support of the internet community. For an example Facebook has been warning people since June that their machine is infected and that eventually they would be cut off from the internet. Popular search engine Google has also been informing users that their machines seem to be infected.

 So what should you do to make sure you don't lose your internet Monday? McAfee has setup a website which allows you to test if your machine has the infection. Please dont't wait check your machine now. Its better to be safe then lose your internet connection on Monday.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Android Malware continues to grow

 Android's OpenNess continues to be exploited by malware. Sophos Labs has discovered a botnet sending spam email from Google Android devices. As usage shifts from home computing systems to tablets and smartphones the risk of mobile trojans will continue to grow. Please use caution when downloading new apps to your phone and make sure you trust the vendor before you click the nice install button.