Security Tips for Webmasters

  Hey y'all this is currently a work in progress and is no where near being finished. I am just leaving it up as I work on it.

  Running a website is an amazing experience but with sites being hacked left and right it can be a lot of work. However with some work you can prevent your site from becoming a victim.

 1. Remove the chance of vulnerabilities: A common way hackers get access to your site is outdated software on your server. Just like you (hopefully) keep your personal machine updated you need to keep your server updated. Included in this category are outdated forum software, outdated blog software, or even outdated sales programs.  

 2. Secure the server: Just like a personal machine has an Antivirus and Firewall program installed I also recommend you set security programs up on your server.

3. Check what the search engines are indexing: You don't want to go through the embarrassment of having a private file publicly indexed. I recommend that you take some time every once in a while searching site:(your site url) and double checking what is being indexed.

 4. Use Search Engine Webmaster tools: Most popular search engines have a Webmaster section which you can register you site to. I highly recommend doing this for these tools can alert you if malware is found or if its having errors indexing your site.

 5. Be careful what 3rd party's you use: Remember the more third party code you add the more risk you may be adding to your site. If you add a 3rd party add server and they get hacked it puts your site at a place where it could possibly start spreading malware from the hacked server.

 However sometimes you do not have time or skills to research all of this by your self. That's where the experts can come in and help. This is where SparkTrust can come in to help. SparkTrust systems can help secure your website so you can worry about the more important things. Click Here to get your FREE site analysis and see what SparkTrust can offer you