Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tech Goals for 2013

 Its 2013, a time for new changes. One of the changes you may have to make is to your security setup. So to kick off 2013 lets talk about some goals you should set for yourself this year.

 1.  Keep all your software up to date.

  Out dated software is just sitting there waiting to be used for malcious purposes. Set a goal for yourself to keep all your software updated this year. It could help to use Windows update or tools like Rising PC Doctor to help aid you as you keep all your software updated.

 2. Backup your files on a regular basis

  Data loss is a very common thing. So backup your data on a regular basis. Not just your pc. Many people got tablets and similar tech for Christmas. Backup this data also. You have just a big of chance of losing tablet data as you do PC data.

 3. Embrace the cloud

 Cloud Tech is growing, and if your not into the cloud i recommend giving it a shot. Backing up notes to cloud tools such as Evernote can be great! Never have to worry about losing paper notes again

 4. Keep your antivirus software updated!

  An antivirus software is only as good as its last update. So many people put off updating their antivirus software. Make sure you keep it updated with the latest engine and database updates


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