Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Spam Malware stories

 Its always nice to get Spam Malware with people wanting to put money in my bank account. Normally its just its a long lost relative but this is a nice new one with a different twist. Here is the message I got:

My Dearest One,
I hope that I am not embarrassing you with this mail because you did not expect it or know me before. But kindly rest assured that I have irresistible urge to write it believe me, the mail is an indication of love for you and happiness I shall always wish you to help me secure my inheritance. I am Miss Stella Akos Maroun. 21 years old and the only Daughter of late Mr and Mrs. Johnson Maroun  the former president of Cote D'Ivorian chambers of Cocoa & Coffee Dealers Association.
My late father was very wealthy cocoa & coffee dealer my mother died ten years ago and my father was poisoned to death by his political members .before his death my father told me that he made the next of kin of a money, he deposited the sum of $18.5million us dollars only. In the security company here in Accra Ghana where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee herein Accra Ghana.
I went to the Security Company and confirm that my father really make me the next kin of this money, Now I want to transfer the money into your account in your country because the people that killed my father is after my life now to make sure that our family are drastically wiped off .infect as I am writing to you now I am in hiding here.please if you can help to save my life and transfer this money to your account, i will like you to be polite to the Security Company of deposit outfit.
I am deeply interested to offer to you 15% from the total money that is involved for transferring the money into your own designated account again i will handle this money over to you to invest it for me wisely ,as you know , this is the highest confidence and trust any person can repose on the other especially when it is considered that we did not know ourselves before then you are expected to display high degree of maturity sensible , responsibility, and understanding in handling this information so that our family enemies will not know that I am around .In getting me through your information’s. Please i want this transfer to be done as soon as possible because of my condition.
I will give you every details about the Security Company here in Ghana for the transfer to carry on to your account. After you have indicated your interest and willingness to help me out of this problem to secure the money for a proper investment in your country, while i continue my education. Please write to me as fast as to acknowledge this mail and thanks in anticipation. For the confidentiality of this transaction please strictly reply me through my direct email: (edited out) for more details (is very important) i wish compliment of the season and good luck for me coming to you i hope you will not betray me in this transaction.
Remain Bless In the Lord.
Best Regards

 To be honest this note made me laugh out loud, if you get spam messages like this ignore it and do not give away any bank information. Your not going to get millions of bucks with something like this.