Monday, March 26, 2012

Cloud Based Databases, can they be messed with?

 When Panda Security had one of their advertising servers hacked I noticed online a question many people were asking "Could a cloud vendors malware database be messed with ruining thousands of computers?". Well I want to commit on that topic for today's post.

  First we need to remember that never has a cloud security's vendors threat database been hacked. Sites owned by security vendors have been hacked but never their databases. However some skilled hackers in theory could find a way in but it would be very very very hard. Security vendors work hard to keep their cloud servers safe.

 Now even though in some way it could be possible I do not recommend throwing all cloud security products. Even regular AVs that have not been hacked have had bad updates messing up computers. Cloud security is the next big thing for malware protection, and its here so stay in my opinion. Its also most likely low on anybody's target to mess with a malware database of a cloud vendor. Its a higher risk with little reward other then messing with a security vendors reputation.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Norton confirms hacked NAV Source Code

 Symantec has confirmed that the source code Anonymous has posted is indeed NAV2006 code and they do expect to see them post source code later on for Norton Internet Security. Symantec claims the source code is so old that their is no threat even though it was posted.

 However Norton 2006 users I highly recommend you upgrade to the latest version of your Symantec product to stay safe.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lulzsec members betraying one another

 Was Lulzec leader Sabu working for the FBI for a while? According to recent reports which are referencing a Fox News report. According to Fox News this morning a sweep of arrests were made on suspected Lulzsec members. So where did the police get details about the people that were arrested? Well according to the reports the FBI got the information from a former leader of Anonymous: Sabu.

 Sabu had been one of the more vocal members of Lulzec/Anonymous. The hacking group leader Sabu has already pleased guilty to some of what he has done. So if this reports are true it would be interesting to see who Lulzsec responds to the fact that their leader betrayed them.