Friday, May 13, 2011

Profile Stalkers making a large wave through Facebook

 Although Facebook has just recently announced they are taking steps to help prevent the scam/spam apps it does not mean these steps will stop them. That is clear because another huge wave of scam apps are going through Facebook right now.

 The scam app is now using the following message, and like always its just a variant of a message that has been used before:

 OMG! Its unbeliveable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile.. i can see my top profile visitors and i am so shocked that my EX is still creeping my profile every hour.

 It then comes with a link, and the links photo is either a photo of a monkey with binoculars, or a photo of a green button that says click me. The click me button seems to really be getting peoples attention because a lot of people are clicking it and the list of people clicking it is going up every few seconds.

 The scam app is spreading through TinyUrl shortened links. I don't see an app name at the moment so watch out for that. If you start posting this make sure you go into your account setting and remove any apps that look suspicious, remove any posts and photos it may have made, and change your passwords just to be safe. Remember that no app can tell you who is viewing your profile, and finally watch out for big buttons that say click me.  

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