Monday, May 30, 2011

Profile Spy Spam Wave going through Facebook

 Another large wave of "Who viewed your profile spam" seems to have gone through Facebook. The apps I saw were using the following messages:

 "find out how many look at your profile?

 That message links to a site that has not been ranked by on Web of Trust. So if you are a WOT user I recommend rating it.

 Next app I saw was called "Who Looks?" on Facebook and it was spreading the following message.

 Nifty, I can not believe you can track people that view your photos. .. I just got an idea the identities are of the top 10 people checking out my photos! ..I think I may start stalking some of them back :O, lol.. You can also see WHO VIEWED YOUR PROFILE here 

Finally I saw a few fan pages being spammed out saying "find out who is viewing your profile here"

Remember no app can see who is viewing your profile so just ignore them all.

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