Saturday, May 7, 2011

FakeAV's hitting users searching for Mothers Day Stuff

  Tomorrow is Mothers Day so many people right now are searching up Mothers Day related terms. However Malware Writers are not taking the day off and are busy hacking/seoing sites up to the top result, and no they are not doing this to be kind to you but these sites lead to a FakeAV to infect your machine. Once again these sites are infecting Macs and Windows based machines, so using your Mac will not make you immune to any threats you may run into. You may also run into them while doing an Image search, FakeAV's coming through Image searches seems to have really picked up recently.

I highly recommend you take some protective steps to stay safe while searching for Mothers Day terms. First make sure your AV is updated to the latest version and has the latest malware database updates. If you do not have an AV or have an outdated AV because you don't have money to pay I recommend Panda Cloud Antivirus because its free and has a good detection rate. Next I recommend making sure your internet browser is updated to the latest version. I recommend looking into apps like Web of Trust to check site ratings because you click on them. Finally I recommend using a secure DNS service. This DNS service will blog sites before they even load so the sites don't even have a chance to load a FakeAV. I personally like ClearCloud it is free and has worked pretty well for me.

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