Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Subway Scam on Facebook

 Another "free item" scam, this time telling everyone Subway is giving stuff out for free. The scam starts by posting a message that says "I love Subway". It then links to a site titled hxxp://freegiftcardson.us (Do not go to this site) which will ask you to take a survey. The survey will give away person information to advertisers and attempt to get you to sign up for un-needed services.

 Remember if it seems to good to be free it most likely is to good to be true. If you see this on your social feed do not click on it and inform your friend that posted it that it is a scam. If you posted it make sure you delete it so no one else clicks on it. If this was a real offer you would most likely see many news site pickup on the news anf inform you.

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