Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are the friends that appear on the left of my Facebook profile my stalkers?

 A rumor has been going around recently that the friends that appear on the left of your Facebook are your profile stalkers. In fact the rumor has been quickly spreading on question and answer sites. In fact some people have been answering that information is true, others have been saying go onto Facebook and look up profile stalkers and it will tell you (something you should NOT do), and others are giving the correct information that is is false.

  Now a quick look on Facebook would tell you how that list is populated. If you see people looking up answers to this question inform them of the blog post or send them to that Facebook link. Warn them that looking up apps that tell you will lead you no where because all the apps are fake. It's sad to see so many people think they are real and are telling others about them.

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