Monday, May 16, 2011

7.5 MILLION kids lie to get a Facebook

 So more then 7.5M kids lie to get on Facebook. No I did not just make that number up, that number is from a study Consumer Reports has put out. Now I can honestly see that the number is true because of all the members I have seen many underage users on Facebook before and I will be fully honest that I think its wrong for someone underage to be on Facebook.

 Now from a kids view Facebook did it just to make it unfair to all of them. However everyone must remember that the U.S has a law for internet privacy/usage for collecting data for anyone under the age of 13. I can't remember the name of the act at the moment but I think that's one of the biggest reasons why Facebook is 13+.

 Now for some sad facts. Out of the 793 people who took the poll at that article I linked to only 58% of people voted kids under 13 should not be allowed on Facebook. Then reading the comments on a majority of these articles show people saying "oh just add them as your friend and they will be fine". Sure the child may be find and responsible but it still is breaking the Facebook terms.
 So whats my advice, although it may be unpopular but I don't think its right to have people under 13 on Facebook. Just because others have it does not make it right. However this is just my opinion on the subject and I am sure you will see many others out on the internet.

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