Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Osama Alive scams hit twitter

 Did CNN confirm Osama is still alive, no it is a scam. Once again scammers are using popular events to steal personal information from everyday users looking for info. Doing a quick search for the url that the scammers are running off of on WOT shows the site already has a bad rep. Doing a quick Twitter search I have found the following messages pointing to the twitter stealing scam:

  omgg osama is alive!!! cnn confirmed that he's still out there :((

 wowww CNN video proved that Osama is still living!!!

 I cant BELIEVE osama is still alive - CNN confirmed he around stillll

If you have clicked the link it entered you login information I highly recommend you go and change your Twitter password as soon as possible. It also would be a good idea to go change any passwords that are the same or similar to your twitter password. If you see this message inform the person you saw tweeting it that the link it a scam and send them to this article.  

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