Monday, May 30, 2011

Igl-Security Guide: URL Research

  Like researching files the URLs you go to should be researched. Like file research a lot of url research tools are out there. I decided I would like to share some of my favorite of the tools to be used for URL research:


 Like in my file research guide VirusTotal is one of my most used tools when researching urls. VirusTotal allows you to enter a url and on top of doing a check against some of the most popular malware url databases it will scan the page against all of its 42 virus scanners. That is great when checking the sites to make sure they don't have exploit code or a malware dropper on the end page.

URL Void

 Url-Void is a great tool when you want to check a site against a large list of malware databases. I highly recommend it when you want to see if a new url is trustable to not.

 Web of Trust

 Want to get the reputation of a site? Want to see what others think about it? Web of Trust is a great tool for just that. WOT allows you check a sites web reputation and read comments others leave about the site and what they think of it.

Browser Defender

 Browser Defender is a great tool if you want to see how a site is ranked and how the downloads were rated.


 HpHost is a great tool when to check a site and see what its IP is. The HpHost database is updated often and is a great resource when you want to check out a site ranking.

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