Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PSN Update 5/11/11

  Its now time for another PSN update. I know y'all clicked on this wanting to see the date it will be back on but I am sorry to tell you I don't have the date and Sony announced its going to be a few more days.

  First up Sony has released a new blog post saying it goings to take a few more days to get the service back online. You can see Sony's latest blog post on their Playstation blog. Looking at the comments people are growing tired of waiting for Sony to relaunch the service. No other information was provided other then that small update. People are starting to wonder how large a update it taking place for the PSN network.

  The next news is saying Anonymous as a group did not hack the Sony servers but some members of the group may have acted out from the group and hacked the servers. This report has came from CNET and you can read that report here on the CNET blog. Now for some good news (also coming from the CNET blog) is that Sony seemed to shut down the servers that the hackers still had access to and stopped the plan attack. So with all the bad news coming out about the Sony PSN and Sony Online services its good Sony was able to prevent a 3rd large attack.

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