Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sony Data leaked again?

 Reuters is reporting another data-loss coming from Sony. This time is it being said that it was information from a 2001 Sony Sweepstakes. Gladly this time the hack did not involve Social Security Numbers, Credit Card numbers, or passwords, have a data loss is still a data loss.

 Now according to the article this was all older data, which does make me wonder how much of the data was still accurate. It also leads to the question where did the 2001 database come from. This hack also brings up a few other good points. First is that even though you have not used a service lately does not mean later on you may be part of their data loss. I am sure people in 2001were not think "oh in 2011 I may get my data lossed so I will not enter this contest. The next important thing is for companies, have a team working on keep your data secure. This even shows what can happen, so its always a good idea to have prevention steps in place to keep data loss from happening. Finally it goes to show something both users and companies should do, keep their software updated to the latest version. Outdated versions lead to vulnerability that can cause data-loss for companies and malware attacks for the everyday user. So please keep your software up to date to help keep malware infections from coming and data loss down.

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