Friday, May 13, 2011

A Thank you to Facebook Security

 Facebook has announced some new security features which you may have heard about, I would have blogged about this sooner but Blogger has been down. You can see Facebooks post about the new features here on the Facebook blog.

 First up they have partnered with Web of Trust to greatly improve the URl filtering they use. I think Web of Trust is a great way to look up website reputation and WOT does get bad links from a few different sources other then just the community. I think this is a great step forward to help prevent the posting of spam/scam/malware urls and should help cut the amount down.

 Click-Jacking protection has also been added. Click-Jacking has been a popular way for scam/spam apps to spread so its good to hear that steps are being taken to help prevent this type of spreading.

Self-XSS protection has also been added. Self-XSS has been coming up a lot more recently. You most likely know Self-XSS and the type of apps that ask you to copy and past some Javascript into your address bar to get some fake results. That has been happening more and more recently so its good protection for that has been added.

 Finally login approvals have been added. Which means if you try to login from a new device you can get a text to your phone with a mobile code to verify you are you. This is good for everyone has who a mobile phone and texting but those that do not can not use it.

 I am glad to see Facebook adding a lot of new security features, yes the scam/spam writers are going to try to work around it but prevent is always better then curing. We shall see how this works out in the following weeks.

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