Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Gift Card Spam hitting twitter

 Mention Spammers are hitting twitter hard at the moment for some topics. A while ago I was talking to my friend on Twitter about Starbucks and out of no where I get a @ message telling me I could get a free Starbucks gift card. I then tweeted about getting the spam message (With Starbucks in the subject) and once again got another message saying I could get a free gift card. Once again this was from another twitter account. The two messages I got said the following:

"Awesome lol, today got a gift card"

"You are on your way to claiming a Starbucks gift card!"

 Doing a quick twitter search you can use these mention spammer/bots are very popular at the moment. The bots were offering Starbucks gift cards and Itunes gift cards. However I have seen bots in the past offering all types of items for free. Doing a Web of Trust check the site is already rated red. Remember if you get a tweet out of the blue offering you something free to check into the site to make sure its legal. A large amount of the time its a scam if it sounds to good to be true. Also look into addons like Web of Trust to help you stay safe from scams like this.

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