Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PSN Update (5/18/11): Its down again

 Well after the good news of the Sony PSN finally coming back online a few days ago I got some bad news about the PSN to report. This time a report is coming out saying a vulnerability has been found in the password reset system allowing the previous hackers to possibly use the information from the database they may have stole to reset passwords forcing users to lose their account.=. So far nothing has been posted on the PlayStation blog about what has happened and when it will be back.

 According to the report the PSN login page has been taken down but I do not have a PlayStation to confirm that it is down. If you have a PSN account and did not change your passwords for accounts you had in the PSN last time I would recommend going and doing that now.

 IGL-Security will keep you updated when more information is out.

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