Monday, May 2, 2011

Think your safe reading news on your mac? Think again...

 Note: I figured it would just be best to put these two topics on one since both involve each other.

   As most of you have most likely head last night the President called a meeting to inform everyone that Osama Bin Laden is now dead. When people started to hear about this most of them went online looking for proof and other news about his death. This is one of the times malware writers start attempting to do SEO to get you click on their site. Be on the lookout for exploit sites saying they got more Osama Bin Laden news, try to stick to trust-worthy sites which are more well known.

  The next warning is to watch out for Facebook scams that will try to spreading using this event. Try to not click on apps about the event because a good amount of them will most likely be spam/scam apps. Its always better to stay safe then risk getting your Facebook amount in the middle of a spam/scam wave.

  Finally here is a message to the Mac Owners, watch out for the new MacDefender FakeAV that is spreading on Mac Machines recently. Just like Windows FakeAV programs, MacDefender says it has found malware on your machine and you need to remove it. It shows popups saying your infected just like Windows FakeAV programs do, and attempts to get your cash by asking that you buy the program (just like Windows FakeAV programs do). So all Mac users out there watch out for this scam, and remember as I have said before Mac machines are not immune to malware.

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