Friday, May 6, 2011

Sony PSN update 5/6/2011 and 5/7/2011 (Updated)

 It now time for the next update on Sony's PSN. Just yesterday Sony announced that their global network and security teams were in the final testing of the new PSN system. They announced this news on the PlayStation blog yesterday. So all you PSN users who are wanting to play some PSN it seems it shall be back online soon.

 The other two stories going around about Sony's PSN are not the best news you want to hear. First is that CNET is that they have heard that a Third Attack is planned against Sony. Nothing has been confirmed about this but as long as you keep you eye out for news about this you will most likely hear something quickly when it happens. An interesting point made is that some of the hackers are "claiming" they have access to the Sony Servers already. I do not know if they do or not but I guess Sony is looking into it at this very moment.

 The next question that has been raised recently is did Sony know about any possible software that could be out of date? Now I have not heard anyone confirm that some of the software was out of date but that does raise an important question.

 Update: Sony has just posted another blog post on the PSN hack. They have said they were planning on getting the PSN back online in a week however due to the attack on the SOE servers they are taking some extra time to test the servers security.


  1. WHO CARES!!!! The next question is, when exactly will the PSN be back up?!! It's Friday, May 6!!

  2. Sony has said they will not turn it back on till they are able to fully test the security according to an update they just posted: