Friday, April 29, 2011

Profile Spy now V4.0 v5 and V6

 It seems Profile Spy decided its time for an upgraded and is hitting Facebook hard at the moment. This attack is going really strong at the moment, a lot stronger then some of the have gone. A large amount of spam apps are telling you to go visit the fan page of the fake Profile spy app. Each page is either v6, v5, or v4.0. Each of the spam apps take advantage of the friend tagging ability, so you have a chance as being tagged.

 The pages get you to post a Facebook status like this:

  My Top Profile Viewers: 
  (random friend) - (random number) views
  It then posts that a few times.
  Then it invites you to a fan page where you can say who views your profile.

 Like always this is a scam. No app can tell you who is viewing your profile. I highly recommend you do not go to that fan page and click any links on the page. If you see any friends posting this inform them that no app can tell you who is viewing your profile, and send them to this blog post if they do not believe you.

 I also recommend if you page starts posting it to delete it off your facebook page, and change your password just to be safe.

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