Saturday, April 23, 2011

AV Testing (Dynamic Test 2011)

 One of the AV tests I really like reading is done by AV-C. I really like how AV-C does their testing and how they lay out the results for each product. Normally I don't post about AV tests but I thought I would post about this one since its one of my favorites of the year, the dynamic test.

  Now the Dynamic test is not done yet, but they have added a chart to the AV-C Website which shows the current stats for each product. You can see that chart over at the Dynamic test page: AV-C just click on the "Graph Bar" button.

 Something to note is that no product provides 100%. Some may have blocked everything if the user answers question right but there is a 50/50 chance that they get the right/wrong answer. Its important to know that no product can keep you safe from every threat out there. That's why many people run an Anti-Malware product plus an AV to make sure they are as protected as possible.

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