Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo tagging becoming a top way for scams to spread (and what is My Top Stalker)

 Just yesterday I wrote an article about how Photo tagging scams are hitting Facebook hard, well its been another day and it seems it is still hitting Facebook hard. By hard I mean in the past couple of days I have gotten 1000 hits on my blog article about my top stalkers.For those of you who have just seen all these notes about My Top stalker and have no idea what it is here is what goes on:

 A user activates a scam app, the scam app loads up a photo and starts tagging random people on your friends list on a photo called "My Top Stalkers". At the bottom of the photo where the user would leave a description the scam app leaves a link to the fake app. If a user clicks on the line the cycle would continue.

 Now the difference between this scam and others is that instead of spreading via a status it spreads via photo. It seems more people are willing to click on a link in the photo rather then the status at the moment which has allowed this scam to spread very quickly.

 To remove this scam delete the app from your list of allowed app. Delete the status (if any) and then finally delete all the photos. To be extra safe I recommend changing your password to stay safe. This is day two of the large amount of people clicking it on twitter so make sure you warn your Facebook friends about this. Plus join our Facebook page to keep up to date about the latest scams: IGL-Security Facebook page 

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