Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can I get a virus from a USB drive?

 USB drivers are very popular devices, they are handy when taking files from computer to computer and great when you have to give files to friends. However malware writers also jumped onto the popularity of USB drives and created malware that can infect you by plugging in a USB drive.

 Malware infections via USB drivers are becoming rather common recently. The risk of getting an infected usb drive risk also grows on large networks if the PC security is not updated on all the machines in the network. Something I highly recommend for every to do is Vaccinate your USB drives to make them immune to malware. A tool I highly recommend is Panda USB vaccine (you can find it here at downloads.com Panda USB vaccine) It makes your USB drive immune to Autoplay/Autorun infections and protects your USB drive from getting an infection and machines that have malware on it.

 I highly recommend you take the time to make your USB drive immune. Its better to prevent the infection then having to go through the process of cleaning everything up.

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