Monday, April 11, 2011

Watch out for Photo Tagging Scams

 Recently more and more scam apps have been turning to ways other then Status updates to spread on Facebook. Recently scam apps writers are making scam Facebook Events based on their scam app. Such as find out who is stalking your profile on (event date). Like the fake scams thousands of people are clicking on it seeing if they can see who is stalking their profile.

 The other way is tagging you in fake photos with a link that leads to scam websites. A recent scam went through Facebook tagging you are photos of olive garden food and in the photo a link to a fake scam site saying olive garden is giving away free food all month. If you clicked on the link you will end up at a survey site trying to make money off of you.

 Be on the lookout for these scam sites. Just because its not a status does not mean its not a scam. Also remember the advice: If it seems to good to be true it most likely is.

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