Thursday, April 28, 2011

How do Malverts work?

 Malverts are a very popular way of PC's getting infected. However many people don't get how Malverts work and why they are so popular. Since I have been reading about some Malverts recently today I decided I want to explain to everyone how they work in a way everyone can understand.

 First the malware writers get the Malvert into the Ad network. The most common way of the Malverts getting into the Ad Network is through Hacked Ad Scripts. A hacked ad script is when malware writers break into the site hosting a popular ad and change the url code to point to their malware site. So the ad script becomes hacked and the ad creators have to go through and fix the script.

 Next the malware writers point you to a site which usually hosts an Exploit. You usually get points to an exploit designed for the internet browser you are on. The exploit then attempts to download malware to your machine. TDSS Rootkits are a very popular end result. I have personally got his by a malvert before and I ended up with a TDSS infection before. The TDSS infection normally comes pared with a FakeAV also to make the malware writers some cash. That makes sense due to the fact most malware is designed to make money.

To stay safe from these types of threats I recommend ad blocking tools. I know Adblock Plus has saved some of my friends machines from Malverts before.

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