Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another who viewed your profile scam going through twitter

 Although much of the talk about social scams recently is about the Facebook photo tagging scam Twitter has a large amount of a spam scam going through at the moment also. StopMalvertising wrote an article but it seems domains have changed since they wrote the article. The scam app is now leading to hxxp//  The latest message is the following:

 OMG! See who viewed your profile - (Copy & paste) (Bad url)
 Ahhhh! See who viewed your Twitter profile - (Copy and paste) (bad URL)
 Coool! See who viewed your profile - (Copy & paste) (bad url)

 Eventually you will end up at a survey site attempting to get you to install some adware. If your account starts spreading it please go into your account app settings and remove the scam apps access to your account. Then delete all the tweets already on your account, and finally change your password to be on the safe side. Remember no app an tell you how many people are viewing your twitter profile.

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