Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We have hit 10,000 views!!

 Just last December IGL-Security started up as a small computer security blog. Today we have hit 10,000 views, although this may seem like a small number to some it is really an exciting time for me to see how many people read this blog. Here are just some facts about IGL-Security since I have started this blog.

  1. IGL-Security has recently been getting 200-300 views a day.

  2. We have recently launched a Facebook page for IGL-Security so you can see the latest computer security news through your news

 3. Most of our Traffic comes from Google, then Facebook, and then Reddit.

  4. Most of out readers use Firefox (31%) then IE (30%), Chrome comes next with 18%, Safari follows with 13%, and then Opera with 2%. The rest of the browsers have 1% or less.

 5. Out top read article is "My Tops Stalkers is hitting Facebook hard" with 1,916 views.

 Now lets see if we can keep our current trend of daily views going and hit 20,000 this June!

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