Monday, April 25, 2011

Is it possible to see who viewed my Facebook profile?

 Although most of the time I write articles on scam socials apps, and other malware I have wanted to write a few general articles on computer security. Just simple things that when people are looking for general information on a topic of a scam I don't have to have a specific article on the scam already out there.

 A common question asked online is it possible to see who viewed my Facebook profile? A few times I have seen some people say that these are true, but I would like to inform everyone wondering that it is not true. No app can tell you who is viewing your profile, no app can say how many profile views your have, no app can tell you if you have any stalkers, no app can tell you who your stalker is. All of the apps that say they can tell you these things just pick random friends or random number of profile views.

 These scam/spam writers get money by A. Getting paid each time someone takes a survey while trying to get to the fake results B. They get paid by the ads that you see while taking the survey from point a. C. The fake apps invites you to install some program and they get pay-per-install. Either way money is most likely the main target in any of these scams.

 If you start to spread this scam on your news feed go into your app settings and delete the bad app that is spreading it. Then delete all photos it may have posted, all statuses it may have posted, and change your password to stay on the safe side.

 Its also a common myth that the people that are on the left hand side of your profile are your most active viewers. That is just a myth and all of the people shown are just randomly picked friends.

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