Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I have a PSN, what do I do????

 Well as you have most like heard recently PSN data may have been stolen in the PSN hack. If you have a PSN account I highly recommend you take some prevention steps to stay on the safe side.

 1. Change all your passwords that are the same as your PSN password. It is already good advice not to use the same password on every site but it seems many times that is the case for a lot of people. As you are changing your password make sure none of your sites are using the same password as you are at it.

 2. It is unknown if bank details were stolen, but if you feel the need to you could contact your bank and change your credit card numbers. If I hear if bank details are stolen I will post here to inform y'all.

 3. Change your security questions to your sites. Hackers may have gained access to your security question and answer for your PSN account so its a good idea to change all those as you are at it.

 4. Keep a close eye on your bill and watch for any suspicious charges that may show up. Report any of them to your bank if something strange shows up.

5. Keep an eye for any scam like emails from your inbox. If hackers got access to your email they may attempt to send you phishing emails.

6. Be safe on websites you click on to look into PSN news. Malware writers may setup fake sites that attempt to get you to install malware as you look for PSN news.

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