Monday, April 4, 2011

Who has been looking at your FB wall?

Wow see whos been looking at your wall and how many times they viewed it, see who is the most popular among your friends @ (Bad Link)
 You may have seen that message going through your facebook feed recently. It is another scam going through Facebook which has been very popular recently. Like most of these social scams it offers to let you see who is stalking your profile wall. These types of scams have been become very popular recently. With the rise of social networking and how it gets you connected people to people, some people start to worry about who is viewing their profile. These scam writers base their scams off of this to trick people into clicking on the scam app.
  To remove it go into your app settings and remove all of the bad apps from having access to your account. In my research the app "click allow" was the one currently spreading but I am sure other names are out there. Remember no social app can see who is viewing your profile or how many people have viewed your profile so watch out for these scams.

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