Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free Ipad Scams hitting twitter hard

 Free tech products always seem to be a topic which spammers use to spam out scam sites. Twitter is one of the popular places for these scams to spread. I decided to take a look into the scams that are spreading and here is what I found. First up the messages the scammers/spammers  use to get you to click on the links:

 Limited Time: Get the NEW Apple iPad 2 For F R E E! Act Quick!
 Wow, I may be the first to get an iPad 2 for F R E E! :) You can get one on
 Crazy!! just got my F R E E Apple iPad 2! Check it out

 Each of the tweets had a link to an short URL. The short link leads to a site called Go2Urlz, then Go2Urlz leads to the final scam site. Here you will end up either taking surveys, giving away your email to scams, or other things like that. If your account starts spreading these messages go and remove the apps ability to post to your account in your setting, then delete all the posts and change your password to be on the safe side.

 Prevention is also something you need to look into. I recommend looking into Webscanners like WOT. When searching up the scam url's on WOT the URL had already been rated red which you can see here: WOT Results

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