Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twitter Scam app changes message (Update 1)

 Yesterday I wrote about the twitter scam saying they could tell you who was viewing your profile. I said it was loading from the url: hxxp:// well I looked up the URL and a new message is spreading under the same URL. New new message is the following:

  I currently have [xx] profile viewers 2day see yours:(bad url). The xx is a random number.

 Now remember no app can tell you how many profile views you have gotten. If you allow it all it will show is a random number, it may also ask you to sign up for some services so the scam writer makes some money. If your twitter feed starts spreading the message go into your settings and remove permission from the app: Who viewz that 493 and then delete all posts the scam app has made. Finally I recommend changing your password to be on the safe side.


 The url has changed again, it is now loading from hxxp:// I wonder how long it will be till they start using viewthis4?

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