Monday, April 18, 2011

The end of Yahoo Buzz (A little off topic)

 I am sorry for this non computer security post but I wanted to share this here on the blog. At the very start of IGL-Security the one widget we had was the Yahoo! Buzz button, before we were able to get indexed by the major search engines Buzz was one of the major sites sending us traffic. I personally used Buzz very often and liked how it would send it through my Yahoo network and help spread the word out about the blog.

 Now it has been noticed today by many of the blogs that Yahoo! Buzz will be shut down April 21st and the site will no longer reachable. I am very sad to see one of the very first places that sent us traffic to be shut down, so I thought it would be nice to say "Good bye Yahoo! Buzz and thanks for all the traffic your service sent to us". Although we never made it to the front page via Buzzes. I will be leaving the Yahoo Buzz button up till April 20th then it will be removed. So if you want to send any of the messages to your friends via Yahoo Buzz I recommend you do it now.

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