Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Ipad 2 scams come to Facebook IM

 The Facebook Messenger is a great way to keep connected. However like instant messengers that were popular before social networks scam writers are now taking advantage of the IM system. As I have wrote about before messages being sent to you saying they made a photo shop of you now they are spreading that you can get a free Ipad 2. This was the message I got on my Facebook just a little while ago:

 wow (name) this facebook gift web site is screwing up rite now and giving out FREEE ipad 2s and stuff look (bad app link)

 Now this is a scam, first my friend never types like that and second you can not be getting a free Ipad 2 like that. Be on the lookout for this scam coming to you via the Facebook messenger. If you start spreading this go through you app settings and remove the ones you do not recognize. Then I would change your password just to be on the safe side.

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