Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Profile Views and Spies scam hitting Facebook

 It seems the My Profile Views scam his the top topic for the Facebook social scammers and spammers. While doing my daily spam research it seems the scam/spam has been spreading very quickly through posts, events, and tags. Here are some of the recent spam/scam things I have found while going through Facebook.

 An event titled "See your top facebook stalkers...this really works". As I have said a bit in the past it seems the spammer/scammer apps are spreading out of posts only into the other areas of Facebook such as Photos, Tagging, and events. I also saw these status updates:
 My profile viewers are 6855 Check your total profile spies and who are your top profile stalkers!!!: (link)
 My total profile spies are 6783 Check your total profile peeks and who are your top profile stalkers Link

 Most of the spam/scam posts seem to be coming from the social app  "Profile Spys", "Profile Views" or "Safe Peek" so if you see one of these messages, when you go to look into your Facebook apps look for those apps to remove. Also when you start cleaning up after getting one of these on your account make sure you delete the app, delete all the posts, delete the photos, cancel all the events, and change your password to make sure you are clean after this. Remember no app can tell you who is viewing your profile and how many views you have.

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