Friday, June 24, 2011

Sony Lawsuit over PSN

 Sony is reportedly  being sued over knowing that its PSN network was not secure. We all knew it was only a matter of time after all the news that surrounded the hacks. As you know on the blog I have put out a lot of articles on that hacks and everything that has happened. In fact here are a few of the articles

 Why is PSN down?
 PSN Hack News Roundup
 I have a PSN what do I do?

 Then the countless PSN Update posts that I made to keep everyone updated. In fact the PSN update articles were some of the most popular posts at the time of the issues. I have not heard any reports of credit cards being charged after the hacks. However they may not be public so some may have happened. After these hacks the hacks have really picked up and hackers are attacking the web strongly. Which is why it is always strongly recommended to use a different password at each site.

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